Downtown Garage formerly Don's Transmission has been serving the downtown Fort Worth and surrounding area since 1987.

Downtown Garage stands behind every service and product it provides. Our goal is to retain every customer for life.


Downtown Garage's core values have remained unchanged since the company's formation:

  • to always take the highest road possible in everything we undertake
  • to do the right thing in every business and personal dealing we have
  • to help our customers, employees and community in demonstrable ways
  • to provide the highest level technical expertise for our customers, and to emphasize on-going training and education for each employee to assure that our products and services remain the finest possible

We describe these core values to our employees and our customers through our "3 legged stool" metaphor. Each leg represents a key element; one leg represents our customer, the next leg represents our employees, and the third leg represents our business. Each is important and each must be in concert with, and support the other. If proper balance is not achieved and maintained, the stool does not provide a solid, stable framework.

Downtown Garage is focused on its mission: to grow; to keep our values front and center in all we do; to build value for our employee shareholders; to build trust and confidence in each and every customer; and to be a positive, participating member of our local communities.

Our value as a company is best demonstrated when we add value to our customers, our employees and our communities.


As part of the Car Concepts, Inc family, Downtown Garage believes in giving back to the community, and is an active participant in many local organizations and associations including the Community Enrichment Center Committee and Success Partners. In addition, Downtown Garage donates to charities and societies including the Salesmanship of Dallas and is part of the City Slickers (Fort Worth) and Professional Power Team networking groups.